when I made my screen name and this WordPress I vaguely wanted to do as my nom de plume suggests, but I’ve given up on that much like I give up on many things in life. for the rest of days I’m probably just gonna use this WordPress to dump all my depressing shit that…

forgot about this thing

I wouldn’t type this if this wordpress were even remotely connected to my RL two years back got a job with a company that moved me out to texas. the first year was great but the head was replaced at a point and the new head was…controlling, to say the least. some issues cropped up,…

Bitter and tired

Still just generally tired of everything but now i feel like even the smallest of things makes me bitter and angry anymore

new masses

after barely being out of the hospital for 2 months, I can feel more masses. they said it was just an ingrown hair turned abcess but, I can feel two more and they are growing slower than the first. I I dont want to go back to the hospital. I just want this all to…


out of the hospital, long road of recovery, i feel sick.

I want out

I’m tired, I hurt, I don’t wanna be here anymore, I just want to go home but home is gone, I hate this place, I hate this state, I’m tired and I don’t want to do this anymore. I wish I hadn’t gone to the hospital. Everyone here is amazing and polite and beautiful people,…

tired, snake, and back

oh joy, the world is being turned upside down~ what a wonderful time to feel like you’re dying inside~ my little choodleweeny (Weiner dog/chihuahua),  his name is Coal~,  tried to fight a snake, that was trying to get inside, today.   I didn’t know what kind of snake it was when I moved as fast…

fell down a hole

I started playing Final Fantasy XIV its a ton of fun and I’ve just lost myself down a hole of crafting stuff~


My Aunt passed away just a little while ago today. I don’t know what to do with myself so I guess I’m posting here. she was an amazing woman and an amazing fighter. all her life she stood up against bullies and people who looked down on others. when she saw someone being mistreated she…

Good day

woke up early, snuggled with the puppy after taking him for a walk, feels like today is gonna be a good day~

one hell of a sick week

influenza, Norovirus(stomach flu) and a UTI….IN THE SAME WEEK!! this has been the first time I felt ok enough to get on the ole laptop~