when I made my screen name and this WordPress I vaguely wanted to do as my nom de plume suggests, but I’ve given up on that much like I give up on many things in life. for the rest of days I’m probably just gonna use this WordPress to dump all my depressing shit that…

good week? bad week?

not sure what kinda week I’m having….my short-order cook job let me go yesterday because “they couldn’t afford to pay two cooks”  then today I got a call asking if I was interested in working at my local GameStop( I applied some time ago to them on Indeed)   sucks that I’ve been let go…

The long weekend comes to an end

Be packing up the car and heading back to my new home tomorrow morning. Can’t sleep, haven’t been able to all weekend, it’s made me irritable, and it feels like gloomy days are coming.   Idk, just a feeling.


The new place I’m living isn’t cat-friendly so I get to say goodbye to my two cats tomorrow, which has me nearly in tears but I’m not really allowed to be like that in my family because I’m the “Emotionally stable” one and I’m supposed to help support everyone else. The oldest cat is a…

long weekends and a tortilla burger

have to sell the childhood home after the family has been living in it for 30 or so years. everyone is busy during the week though so I have to make a special trip from where I am living now, to back “home”, which takes about 8 hours to get there and 8 hours back….

highs and lows

sigh~ it takes so much to get a “high” from life anymore~ it’s quite unfair how little it takes to feel low~ tried making some kinda chocolate cheesecake turnover and it failed SPECTACULARLY and it seems this was more than enough for me to say “fuck today~ I’m sleeping through it”

pork potstickers~

well, as interest wanes and waxes, I am often drawn back to posting on here only to go “who cares? you’re just posting random thoughts to be seen by random people” sometimes the desire to word-vomit onto some kinda journal takes me over and I post, other times individuals find this little blog of mine…


I had to!   move that is. from one state to another, maybe things will be better but, I don’t think it will be.   old rent got to be too much and then I was more or less laid off for 5 or so months so my car got repo’d~   now I’ve “moved…


feels like one of those bad ones, got this stuck in my head, can’t stop it. Kalieda – Think John Wick Soundtrack 10hr loop


life sure is hard. couple days ago I was cleaning up my bathroom. while sweeping behind my toilet I hit the toilet water intake valve, and it EXPLODED! water rushing everywhere, flooding the upstairs. after trying in vain to put the valve back on and trying to stop up the pipe with something, I ran…