please be kind, rewind.

hello~ Chef here, if you ever have any question about cooking google it. it’s not hard! 😀


ahh~ I feel so empty when I’m not doing anything and I can’t seem to finish anything I do start……I don’t even know why I write these posts….


I feel conflicted, on one hand, I feel so utterly alone, on the other hand, I can’t stand most human interaction. I love to be alone but, I feel so lonely. Is it possible to want to be alone but not feel so lonely? I wish there was a magic eight ball that really worked…

still tired.

it doesn’t get any easier. each day takes a month but a month barely feels like a day. I want there to be more. but there isn’t, I’m still so tired.


Every day I wake up later and later. I barely get out of bed except to read. there is nothing wrong with my home life. I just can’t “do” anymore and it gets harder every day. I’m only writing this because no one in my offline life will see it. Often when I see stories…