still tired.

it doesn’t get any easier. each day takes a month but a month barely feels like a day. I want there to be more. but there isn’t, I’m still so tired.


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  1. Sayan says:

    These are typical symptoms of depression. I hope you know that. And i hope you can grow to adapt and find a way out. Fighting !

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    1. I’ve known for a while that I have depression. (I was diagnosed and Everything)life can still be hard so, I’m just trying to take life one step at a time. But thanks for the comments~

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      1. Sayan says:

        One step at a time is just perfect. Best of luck 🙂
        I have been reading a bit of stoicism lately and it has been of some help with my own issues of the same nature. Give it a try, if you can find some free time. Do take care 🙂


      2. Thanks, I think I will.

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