Awareness, and actually Food

now that more than one person has apparently read these, (totally forgot I linked to this site on a few sites), I feel like I should do something with food~ but, first, backstory

So, many years back when I was a kid I was selected to do a student ambassador thing where a shitload of kids got to do some stuff in another country. what stuff? couldn’t tell you, it was a long time ago. the thing that interested me most though was all the different foods and how they taste. <-this is what made me want to be a Traveling(faraway) Chef(dream). when I was in Austrailia everyone was split for homestead visits, where three kids would stay with a family for a weekend and learn about peoples daily lives, how they lived, and general knowledge. Me and two other boys were staying with a lovely elderly couple for our homestead. They were good people, both retired at the time, the husband used to design homes, and his wife was a realtor. Really good people.

One of the delicious foods I got to try was a lemon curd lamington cake. the couple we stayed with had whipped up a bunch for the visit. I couldn’t remember the recipe after all these years so here is one I found online that tasted pretty close to theirs.

Lemon Curd Lamington



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