The new place I’m living isn’t cat-friendly so I get to say goodbye to my two cats tomorrow, which has me nearly in tears but I’m not really allowed to be like that in my family because I’m the “Emotionally stable” one and I’m supposed to help support everyone else.

The oldest cat is a beautiful black cat with a white belly he has really long and luscious fur. He is a real mischief-maker but he loves to be loved on and will often come to you for pets.

The youngest is this little cutie we picked up two years or so ago, she is a black cat with white on her paws and belly. Her fur is short and flat but her best features are her face. She makes the cutest expressions I’ve ever seen a cat make. She was a feral rescue so she is a lot more skittish about people petting her or picking her up but when she warms up to you, you’ll know no nicer cat. We raised her with our dogs so she tends to beg for treats like one.


I’ll miss them both and I only hope that they can be adopted together, the youngster has come to depend on the old boy like a father figure and i would hate to see them separated.


But, then, i guess it’s not my problem after tomorrow……..

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