new pup

my mother had two chihuahuas named Jet(m) and Pearl(f) they weren’t from the same litter but they grew up as brother and sister with Jet being 10 weeks and Pearl 8 when we got them. unfortunately, Pearl passed a bit ago last year. since then Jet has been very melancholy and well depressed, more importantly(hey don’t get me wrong I love the little bugger) my mom and dad have been depressed.


so it’s been I think nearly a year since Pearl had to be put down due to cancer and Vet negligence (they straight up lied to us about her cancer because they didn’t want to operate and then lied when they told us they removed it all, this isn’t baseless we gota second opinion) and my mom had been shopping around for a new pup to be a playmate for jet(and to help heal her and my father)

I begged her not to, a puppy is a lot of responsibility and has a ton of energy and this household hasn’t had energy in nearly a decade. mostly I just didn’t want to be sat with taking care of it, because in my family, whenever there is something to be done, “well good ole Traveling Chef will take care of it. his older and younger brother are flaky or outright irresponsible when it comes to doing any kind of work”

but as much as this household pushes things on to me, when I voice my opinion it falls on deaf ears OR my favorite excuse “I forgot”. I am either ignored or they will just outright forget any and everything I say.


so just like clockwork after telling my mother she shouldn’t, three days ago I wake up to the cutest little teeny boy named Coal(we have named all our past animals off of precious or semi-precious gems in the past we had Jade, Amber, Ruby, then Pearl and Jet[jet is a fossilized wood also sometimes called black amber and Coal is a precursor to Diamond)

he is cute, he is energetic, he is rambunctious, and I love him, but I didn’t want another dog(especially a pup) through no fault of his but because I knew I couldn’t keep up.


so here I am at 4am my time for the third day in a row, because little mister doesn’t want to sleep and refuses to sleep unless he is laying on top of you.

I love him, and I would never show any kind of anger or frustration to him because it’s not his fault, he is just a baby, but I CAN’T TAKE THIS.

I’m normally just you know, tired as a lifestyle I guess, but these last three days have torn me apart and I know it’s only going to get worse as everyone goes to work Monday and I’m left holding the pup.

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