My Aunt passed away just a little while ago today.

I don’t know what to do with myself so I guess I’m posting here.

she was an amazing woman and an amazing fighter.

all her life she stood up against bullies and people who looked down on others.

when she saw someone being mistreated she would rush over and beat the hell out of men four times her size.

if you needed help she would reach out her hand even if she couldn’t help herself.

she was stronger than anyone I know.

she had a whole houseful of people she couldn’t help but look out for.

She had, her mother, her husband; my uncle ‘C’, her Son ‘F’, and Daughter ‘B’, F’s son, his Ex ‘P’ who is the mother of his son, who has also helped greatly by being a live-in nurse for my grandmother and aunt and has been a friend of the family for years, F’s new girls two kids, B’s two sons, B’s boyfriend’s kid, and F’s childhood best friend J and good friend of the family.

she has a whole lot of people in a fairly small house with a whole lot of complicated family issues going every which way but she still has tried her best to help any who ask even when going through her issues.

She was a strong woman who beat breast cancer four times over the last 20 years, but this last bout of cancer moved to her throat and it caused complications that made eating either incredibly difficult or painful, no in-between. she weakened and she could no longer continue fighting anymore. she said she was tired and that she wanted to go see her daddy again. my mother rushed back to see her one last time last night and on her way to see her this morning she got the call.

I love my aunt, I can’t imagine what my cousins are going through, let alone my grandmother, and I’m tired again, real tired. I’m not a religious man but if there is a heaven I hope she is happy now and I hope she don’t have to feel no more pain.


*names removed for privacy

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