tired, snake, and back

oh joy, the world is being turned upside down~

what a wonderful time to feel like you’re dying inside~

my little choodleweeny (Weiner dog/chihuahua),  his name is Coal~,  tried to fight a snake, that was trying to get inside, today.


I didn’t know what kind of snake it was when I moved as fast as I could to rip the little dude off the floor and away from danger (awhile back we had a bad time with one of our older dogs and a copperhead so I’m a little reactionary when it comes to snakes and the dogs).

turns out it was just a black snake and it turns out I may have messed up something in my back when I nabbed the little one. standing up makes it hard to breathe and I start sweating bad, laying down elicits much the same reaction.

if it continues past tomorrow I guess its to the emergency room for me!~

lets hope if I go I don’t catch a certain something and make my life wooorse~~~~

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