Bitter and tired

Still just generally tired of everything but now i feel like even the smallest of things makes me bitter and angry anymore

new masses

after barely being out of the hospital for 2 months, I can feel more masses. they said it was just an ingrown hair turned abcess but, I can feel two more and they are growing slower than the first. I I dont want to go back to the hospital. I just want this all to…


out of the hospital, long road of recovery, i feel sick.

tired, snake, and back

oh joy, the world is being turned upside down~ what a wonderful time to feel like you’re dying inside~ my little choodleweeny (Weiner dog/chihuahua),  his name is Coal~,  tried to fight a snake, that was trying to get inside, today.   I didn’t know what kind of snake it was when I moved as fast…

fell down a hole

I started playing Final Fantasy XIV its a ton of fun and I’ve just lost myself down a hole of crafting stuff~

one hell of a sick week

influenza, Norovirus(stomach flu) and a UTI….IN THE SAME WEEK!! this has been the first time I felt ok enough to get on the ole laptop~


*slams head down* FUUUCK!


I’ve had pretty bad hands for a while, some early arthritis pains, carpal tunnel syndrome in the right and cubital tunnel syndrome in the left. you know the usual…maybe even tendonitis…don’t know for sure, haven’t been to the doctors.   the move exacerbated things, lost the feeling in the tips of my fingers nearly 6…

The long weekend comes to an end

Be packing up the car and heading back to my new home tomorrow morning. Can’t sleep, haven’t been able to all weekend, it’s made me irritable, and it feels like gloomy days are coming.   Idk, just a feeling.


The new place I’m living isn’t cat-friendly so I get to say goodbye to my two cats tomorrow, which has me nearly in tears but I’m not really allowed to be like that in my family because I’m the “Emotionally stable” one and I’m supposed to help support everyone else. The oldest cat is a…